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Warning! Do not attempt or practice the course skills on anyone that does not need them. Performing these procedures when they are not needed could result in serious injury or death. DECISIONS CONCERNING FIRST AID AND CPR MAY BE LIFE AND DEATH DECISIONS. SOME FIRST AID DECISIONS AND PROCEDURES INVOLVE THE RISK OF SERIOUS INJURY OR DEATH. Successful completion of IOHSA courses does not guarantee future real-life performance of the student. Performance of any skills learned may not save everyone even when skills are properly performed. Be sure to obtain permission from the person in need of emergency first aid (or the parent or guardian of a child) before attempting to render first aid. If your workplace role (part of your job function) includes responder team duties, this may not be necessary. Consult your workplace responder protocols regarding obtaining permission to provide care. If the person in need of assistance is unresponsive or unable to communicate, you may assume he or she has consented to assistance. If you suspect serious injury or illness, obtain emergency assistance immediately by dialing 911 or your designated emergency number, or seeking any available onsite & close-by advanced medical professional assistance. Do not put yourself or others at risk when attempting to provide care or when providing care to others. Do not move the person that is injured, unless absolutely necessary; such as to move the victim away from hazards to avoid any further harm or injury to the victim. IOHSA courses should not be viewed by children or adults who will not fully understand the course content and their potential consequences.

The certificate provided by IOHSA does not represent, warrant or guaranty that the student is properly equipped to perform skills such as CPR or First Aid assistance. IOHSA’s role is to provide education to the student using generally accepted science guidelines and professional standards. IOHSA does not warrant, represent or guaranty, either explicitly or implicitly, that its certification will comply with the user’s or any third party’s requirements or standards. It is the student’s sole responsibility to ensure compliance with the requirements and standards of any regulatory or licensing body or employer.

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